The Vintage Corporation Photos

We invite you to browse a selection of photos of The Vintage Corporation at various gigs throughout Kent and the UK. These photos will give you a great idea of the fantastic show that the band put on at events and functions, no matter the size, no matter the occasion. We hope you enjoy looking through the selection we’ve chosen, you never know, you may spot yourself in one of them! If you have any photos of the band that you’d like us to use then please email us at or visit our Facebook page and share them with us, we’d love to see them!

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aa DSC00801 CAZ AND SHEILA 4 CAZ AND SHEILA 7 CAZ AND SHEILA 10 DSC00134 DSC02780 tina great yarmout standing ovation




















The audience having fun:






Guest having fun at one of our 60s and 70s Fancy Dress Evenings: