Meet Sheila – Vocal Power

 Sheila is a lead vocalist and a harmony singer.

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Sheila is a lead vocalist and harmony singer with a natural ability to charm and entertain her audiences. She has performed with many bands over the years and also performs regularly as part of a successful, live duo act throughout the South East.

Although not necessarily her first choice in music styles Sheila happens to sing country music with particular soul and ease and is often complimented on this by those who hear her voice. She lends her vocals well to most styles though and can belt out a disco track with attitude!

On top of her singing and musical talents Sheila runs her own business and is the proud owner and manager of ‘Sheila’s Kitchen’ at the Gate Services off the A2, just outside Canterbury. The Vintage Corporation is proud to have Sheila as one of their leading ladies with her professional attitude and her fabulous vocals.